Some key characteristics of the domus-AU system that the home buyer and the builder may consider in their purchase decisions …….

Because our building elements are made in a factory, quality and cost controls can be vigorously applied, producing a superior product for the customer. Quality controls result in consistent, reliable finishes and reliable structural integrity. Cost controls result in predictable building element pricing that minimises uncertainty.

Our building elements are designed and engineered to maximise strength and minimise weight, whilst providing for a wide range of floor plan configurations. Engineered strength enables our houses to be sited throughout Australia, from the alpine regions to the cyclone-prone north. Minimising element weight minimises freight and on-site handling costs, and results in speedier on-site assembly times and lower costs.

Insulation properties of our building elements make them ideal for use in extremely cold and hot environments; wall and roof/ceiling elements can have selected insulation levels minimising heating and cooling costs for the customer. Thermal performance of our houses can often be further assisted by our free, siting-advice service.

The modular design of our houses result in minimal on-site assembly/construction requirements. Typically, the assembly of floor, wall and roof/ceiling components is completed within three weeks of the foundation’s completion. Again, typically, module sections are easily handled by two people once unloaded at the site, and typically, easily assembled by 3-4 people.

Manufacture of the modular elements in the factory can begin immediately contracts for the purchase of the home are signed. During the element manufacture period, site works including necessary excavations, hydraulic and electrical services and foundations and footings can proceed in preparation for the delivery of the modular elements. This simplifies the co-ordination of on-site contractors and tradespeople reducing delays in the assembly.

The use of standard materials in the manufacture of the modular elements result in high quality finishes, both internally and externally. The use of MgO (manganese oxide) board on the exterior walls means the colour range available for these elements is unlimited. Some customisation of the appearance of the home from the street is possible. We suggest you consult our free advice service for any particular requirements.