SNUG Infomation

Construction/Buildability: A prototype of the SNUG design has been assembled in the Hunter Valley, Australia and the system fine-tuned. All the materials and technology used in the prototype are readily available in Australis and New Zealand. All components are off-site manufactured and can be assembled on-site within 2 weeks by a licenced supervisor and 3 or 4 unskilled assistants.
Regulatory Standard, Conformance/Compliance: The SNUG design satisfies both New Zealand and Australian building and construction codes and standards. The SNUG will satisfy Lifemark standards.
Cost/Affordability: The actual cost of the prototype mentioned above was AU$1200 per square metre. If produced in volume the cost would reduce. This compares well with the aims of the SNUG brief.
Flexibility/Adaptability: The SNUG design presented in this entry was based upon flexibility and adaptability. The components comprise floor and roof cassettes with identical metal frames to provide economies of scale and simple installation. Wall panels are one size, the only variation is installation in the factory of windows and doors. Use of nodes at wall junctions facilitates uniform end conditions for all wall panels. The plans indicate flexible solutions for planning and customization. The component design enables dismantling and reuse of all components including, for example, the footings and roof gutters. All joints are sealed using a compressible strip precluding wet seals such as silicone.
Functionality/Fit for purpose: The floor plans presented are representative of solutions and are cognizant of issues of privacy, workability and personalization. The SNUG presented in the submission can be installed on flat and sloping sites and on a variety of foundation conditions.
Design/Aesthetics: The design permits “controlled design choices” including wall and floor finishes, individual selection of appliances and PC items can be accommodated.
Sustainability/Efficiency: Walls, floors and ceilings have insulation layers which can be varied to achieve desired energy efficient ratings depending on the site, location and constraints. All materials are full recyclable (not just reusable) and contains no toxic elements.
Points of Difference: The SNUG has all components manufactured off –site. The floor and roof cassettes are full finished off-site. The wall panels are complete and finished off-site. Bathrooms and kitchens are assembled in the factory on the floor cassettes and fully finished complete with services. This means the services contractors visit site on day 1to install connections from the mains, and visit the site on the last day to certify the installations.
The most important aspect of the system is that all components and pods are manufactured in existing factories already tooled up and accepting additional work. This eliminates the most common failure of the of prefabricated housing, factory overheads exceeding income